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Cost / Timeframe

The 2023/24 season will cost $170 per player and run from November to the middle of February.  Each team will have one practice a week and 7 regular season games. 3rd grade through 6th grade divisions will have an end of season tournament. 

NOTE: We do not offer a sibling discount at this time.

See here for a more detailed look at the season schedule.

Ages / Divisions

Liberty Hill Community Basketball League offers the following age divisions.

NOTE: Based on registration numbers, often a division per grade will be made but follow the same general rules as laid out below. 

For full details on division rules, please see the rules page.

PeeWee Division (1st / 2nd grade)

The PeeWee division is a developmental division meant to be an introduction to the game for first or second year players.  During the season there is a single one hour practice during the week and games on Saturdays. 

As these players are new to the game, and defensive skills will trump offensive skills for a few years still,  the PW division has some special rules in place to help the kids see some success and grow. Some of the special rules are:

  • No defense is allowed outside the three point line. This allows kids to freely bring the ball down the court.
  • Man defense is required and no help or double teaming on defense allowed. To help enforce this, every player on the court will have a colored wrist band on. Players are only allowed to play defense on the player on the other team wearing the same colored wrist they are wearing.
  • During games both teams will provide a coach to help run the game.
  • No score is kept during games. This helps ensure coaches are subbing and running the games in a manner focused on player development and not just on winning.

Jr Division (3rd / 4th grade)

Jr division is a step up from PW. They have a single one hour practice a week with games on Saturday but for the most part they play normal high school basketball rules with a few exceptions. 

  • Man defense is required (no zone allowed).
  • No full court press allowed unless it's in the last 2 minutes of the 4th quarter (or overtime periods)  and the score is within 10 points. 
  • Score is kept during games and teams have standings with an end of season tournament. 

Sr Division (5th / 6th grade)

Sr divisions play full high school basketball rules where zone defense and pressing is allowed. 

Practices Times / Game Times

Team practice start times are normally between 5pm and 7pm and will be during the week. We try and hold the earlier practice times for younger divisions.

All teams will have a single one hour practice a week, except for Sr division  teams will a single 2 hour practice a week.

Game times depend on gym schedules but typically can start as early as 8am or start as late as 3pm.

Roster Assignment

In previous seasons a draft and evaluation was used to make as even as teams as possible. For the 2023/24 season a draft and evaluation will not be used, and the league will assign rosters as even as possible. The children of the Head coach and one assistant coach will be assigned to the coach's team. 

We recognize this is a deviation of how things have been done in the past and do not make this decision lightly.  The draft has many pros and cons and we believe many of the cons can be avoided by leveraging a random roster assignment along with the aid of the league commissioners and coaches input to make as fair and even of teams as possible without requiring an evaluation and draft process.