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League Rules


Below you will find the rules for all divisions. All current seasons will also use these rules, even if the rules say they are for a particular season. 

Basketball Sizes

Basketball Size by Division
Division Basketball Size
PW Boys 27.5in (Youth)
PW Girls 27.5in (Youth)
JR Girls 27.5in (Youth)
SR Girls 28.5in (Women's)
3rd Grade Boys 28.5in (Women's)
4th Grade Boys 28.5in (Women's)
5th Grade Boys 28.5in (Women's)
6th Grade Boys 28.5in (Women's)


Rule Summaries

LHCLB divisions follow the offical UIL basketball rules, except each age divisions have a few exceptions. Those exceptions are summarized by division below. It is still recommend people read the full rules. 

SR Division (5th and 6th Grade)

Follows the official UIL basketball rules with the following exceptions

  • Four 8 min quarters with 5 min half time period
  • Substitutions will happen at the 4 min mark of each quarter
  • Clock is a running clock except for timeouts and fouls.
    • Clock should stop on any whistle during the final 2 mins of the 4th quarter and any over-time period. 
  • If one team has a 20 or more point lead mercy rule is in effect and the clock will not stop except for time outs (this includes last 2min of 4th quarter).
  • Teams will enter single bonus (1 and 1) on the 7th team foul for the half and then double bonus on the 10th team foul. for the half. We realize UIL recently changed their bonus foul rules. 

JR Division (3rd and 4th Grade)

All rules from SR division apply, with the following additions:

  • Man to may half court defense only.
    • Man to man defense is defined as:
      • When an offensive player is outside the 3 point line, only one defensive player can be guarding them. 
      • When an offensive player is within the 3 point line, the defensive player must guard closely (within arm's length) and move with the offensive player. Only the player with the ball can be doubled teamed and ONLY if they are within the 3pt line with the ball. Double teamed is defined as two defensive players. 
  • In the last 2 min of the 4th quarter and in all over time periods, full court man is allowed if the score is within 10 points.
    • Double teaming is still ONLY allowed on an offensive player within the 3 point line. 
  • Offensive team in the front court is not allowed to stack more than four plays on side of the basket and have a 5th player drive to the basket away from the other 4 players. Penalty is loss of possession. 
  • Boys division free throw line is at 14 ft and shooter must stay behind the shooting line. Girls division, free throw line is at 14 ft and the shooter is allowed to jump over the shooting line. 

PW Divisions (1st and 2nd Grade)

PW division is intended to be players first or second year ever playing and have very unique rules to allow young and new players to experience the game in a way that matches their age and skill level. The following rules help do that:

  • 8 ft hoops, 27.5 in ball.
  • Four 10 min quarters with a continuous running clock. The clock will not stop until the quarter is ended.
  • Substitutions will happen around the 4 min mark (clock will not stop). 
  • No score keeping is NOT allowed.
  • All players will be assigned a colored wrist band. Defensive players must ONLY guard their colored wrist band. No double teaming is allowed.  If double teaming occurs or a player guards the wrong wrist band, ball should be reset at the top of the key.
    • Wrist band colors should be assigned by coach based off the following scale of blue being your strongest player to white being your least strongest player. Goal is allow players to get an idea match up. Coaches can swap match ups at any time to make a more ideal match up.
      • Blue
      • Red
      • Yellow
      • Black
      • White
  • No defense outside the 3 point line. Offensive player is allowed to bring the ball up uncontested. Defensive players must sprint back and wait for the offensive player inside the 3point line. Once the offensive player crosses the 3 point line with or without the ball, defensive player needs to remain within arm length of them. 
  • No out of bound plays. Ball will be given to an offensive player at the top of the key.
  • Defensive players can reach across the 3 point line to play defense but feet must be set within the 3 point line. 
  • Once a team gains possession of the ball, the opposing team must sprint back and setup within the 3 point line ready to play defense. This means you can't steal a rebound from another player. 
  • Picks and screens are not allowed at this time.